Early Gameplay

1. Complete the Game Tutorial (Please note that you DON'T have to use Donuts for the initial speedups. If you want, you can just wait the tasks out and save 2 or 4 donuts!) 
2. Complete all short prompted quests (45 seconds, 3 minutes, etc) (Don't do any 1,4,8 hour prompted quests yet)
3. While Homer is playing with MyPad, tap him repeatedly. You will unlock the Jebediah Springfield Statue and 10 donuts after 10 taps!
4. Apu should eventually prompt the building of Cletus' Farm ($1,200 - 1 hour). Build it then send all characters on 1 hour tasks so everything finishes in 1 hour.
5. Apu & Cletus will interact to prompt the Tomacco challenge. Plant Tomacco and send all characters on 1 hour tasks.
6. Lisa will prompt the building of the Purple House ($1,200 - 4 hours) after step 5. Build the house. Ned and Lisa should then interact and lead to step 7.
7. Lisa babysit Rodd & Todd (8 hours). Homer oversleep for nap (6 hours). Do any other uncompleted character quests at this point.
8. After Homer finishes his power nap, he prompts the building of the Krusty Burger ($2,600 - 12 hours). Keep Homer free as the build finishes. Do any other uncompleted character quests at this point.
9. Homer eat at Krusty after build finishes (30 mins).
10. Lisa build the Blue House ($1,800 - 12 hours). Complete any uncompleted character quests.
11. Lisa and Homer interact and build the Van Houten House ($3,800 - 24 hours). Complete any uncompleted character quests. (Homer 24 hour Monkey Trauma Marathon)
12. After build, send Milhouse & Lisa to Kwik-E Mart (60 mins), Ned emergency Bible Study (8 hours), Krusty Promote New Product (8 hours)
13. Build Pink House ($3,400 - 24 hours) after Milhouse & Lisa finish Kwik-E Mart visit.
14. Lisa do next week's homework (24 hours) (this was prompted after one of Homer/Ned/Krusty finish their longer task.) Then build school.
15. Use the guide below for everything else!

Cletus' Farm

Apu prompts the building of Cletus' shortly after the tutorial ends. (Slack-Jawed Yokel Pt. 1) Don't send Apu on his 4/8/12 hour tasks (if prompted) until you build the farm. After the build finishes, have Apu free to interact with Cletus to plant and harvest Tomacco (60 mins). Have Lisa free as you harvest the Tomacco. (Slack-Jawed Yokel Pt. 2)

Purple House 

Lisa prompts the building of the Purple House shortly after harvesting Tomacco. (The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 4)

Krusty Burger 

Homer prompts the building of the Krusty Burger (Made with U.S.D.A. Pt. 1)), possibly after his power nap. Keep Homer free as the build finishes. After the build, Homer is sent to eat at Krusty Burger (30 mins) (Made with U.S.D.A. Pt. 2). Keep Lisa free as Homer finishes eating.

Blue House

Lisa prompts the building of the Blue House. This most likely occurs after Homer finishes eating at Krusty Burger. Keep Lisa and Homer free as the build finishes.

Van Houten House

Lisa interacts with Homer to prompt the building of the Van Houten House. (Thrillhouse Pt. 1) Keep Lisa and Ned free as the build finishes.
1. Lisa & Milhouse to Kwik-E Mart (1 hour each) (Thrillhouse Pt. 2)

Pink House 

Lisa prompts the building of the Pink House after she and Milhouse finish the Kwik-E Mart quest. (The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 6)

Springfield Elementary

Keep Lisa free as Homer/Ned/Krusty finish their challenges.
1. Lisa do next week's homework (24 hours) (We Do Need Yes Education Pt. 1)
2. Lisa prompts building of Springfield Elementary after she finishes doing homework. (Keep Lisa free as build finishes)(We Do Need Yes Education Pt. 2)

White House 

Lisa prompts the building of the White House after the school finishes building. (Keep Homer free as build finishes) (The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 7)


After the White House finishes building, Homer eventually prompts the build.
1. Homer to Krusty Burger (30 mins) (Krusty Burger Heavy User Pt. 1)
2. Homer to Krusty Burger (30 mins) (Krusty Burger Heavy User Pt. 2)
3. Homer build Gulp'N'Blow (keep Skinner, Lisa, & Milhouse free as build finishes) (Krusty Burger Heavy User Pt. 3)

Willie's Shack

1. Skinner crossing guard (4 hours) (Schoolhouse Crock Pt. 1
2. Lisa & Milhouse go to school (6 hours) (available after you SEND Skinner for crossing guard quest) (Schoolhouse Crock Pt. 2)
3. Skinner monitor halls (12 hours) (Schoolhouse Crock Pt. 3)
4. Build Willie's Shack (Schoolhouse Crock Pt. 4)
5. Willie wax floors (24 hours) (keep Apu, Homer & Lisa free as Willie finishes) (Schoolhouse Crock Pt. 5)

Cooling Towers 

Apu prompts the building of the Cooling Towers in an interaction with Homer and Lisa. (It's Pronounced Nu-cular Pt 1)

Reactor Core

Mr. Burns prompts the building of the Reactor Core immediately after the Cooling Towers finish. (It's Pronounced Nu-Cular Pt. 2)

Control Building 

Mr. Burns prompts the building of the Control Building immediately after the Reactor Core finishes. (It's Pronounced Nu-Cular Pt. 3) Keep Homer & Mr. Burns free as the build finishes.
1. Homer work at plant (16 hours) (It's Pronounced Nu-Cular Pt. 4)(Keep Burns free as Homer finishes.)
--After Homer finishes, there is an animated sequence that reminds us we don't have Marge and Bart yet.
1. Mr Burns read from Necronomicon (4 hours) (keep Lisa & Milhouse free as Mr Burns finishes) (A Little Light Reading)

Bart's Treehouse

1. Lisa & Milhouse to school (6 hours) (Bart Crusoe Pt. 1)
2. Build Bart's Treehouse (Bart Crusoe Pt. 2) (Instand build)
3. Bart skateboard (4 hours) (Bart Crusoe Pt. 3)
4. Bart skip school (8 hours) (Keep Skinner free as Bart finishes) (Skipping Rocks)
(DON'T DO THE BART/MILHOUSE 24 hour dual quest immediately. Wait!)

Springfield Library

Principal Skinner prompts the building of the Library in an interaction with Bart and Lisa. (Sanctus Arx Nerdarium) (Keep Skinner & Bart free as build finishes). (DO NOT DO any 24 hour tasks by Bart/Martin yet.)

Android's Dungeon 

After the Library finishes building:
1. Principal Skinner prompts Bart to go to school (6 hours). (The Dungeon Keeper Pt. 1)
2. Bart prompts the building of the Android's Dungeon. (The Dungeon Keeper Pt. 2)(When you start the build, then start the 24 hour Martin/Bart challenge.) (Keep Bart free as build finishes.)
3. Bart loiter at Android's Dungeon (30 mins) (keep Lisa free as Bart finishes) The Dungeon Keeper Pt. 3)

Orange House

Lisa prompts the building of the Orange House after Bart finishes loitering. Keep Apu free as the build finishes. (The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 8)
1. Apu was prompted to work at the Kwik-E Mart (24 hours). (Long Kwik-E Shift) There were other challenges that were prompted, but Ned prompted the building of the church after this challenge finished.

First Church of Springfield

1. Ned prompts the building of the Church after Apu finishes his 24 hour shift. (Keep Homer, and Ned..free as build finishes.) (Passion of the Flanders Pt. 1) (Also keep Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse free If you will be playing when #2 finishes)
2. Homer, Ned & Lovejoy go to church/give sermon (12 hours) (Keep Bart, Lisa, Milhouse free as these 3 finish.) ([i]Passion of the Flanders Pt. 2)[/i])
3. Ned prompts Bart, Lisa & Milhouse go to Sunday school (12 hours) (Keep Comic Book Guy free as the kids finish.)Passion of the Flanders Pt. 3)
**TIP from gl0bal_3nemy: You can send Bart, Lisa & Milhouse to Sunday school after you send Homer, Ned & Lovejoy on #2. You will want to delay this, though, as you will need to be playing when Homer, Ned & Lovejoy finish so you can collect from #2 prior to #3 finishing. After #2 finishes, Ned will prompt #3, but it's okay to have already sent the characters on the tasks. Time can be saved doing this, as long as you're online and able to collect #2 BEFORE #3 finishes.

Java Server

Have Comic Book Guy (CBG) available to prompt the building of the Java Server (after you've finished sending 3 kids to church). Keep CBG free as the build finishes. (They Have Internet on Computers Now? Pt. 1)
1. CBG visit Java Server (8 hour) (keep Homer free at the end of this challenge) (They Have Internet on Computers Now? Pt. 2)

Moe's Tavern 

Homer prompts the building of Moe's after CBG completes 8 hour visit Java Server challenge. Keep Homer & Marge free as the build finishes. (Is There an Al-Coholic Here? Pt. 1)
1. Homer go to Moe's (8 hour) (Is There an Al-Coholic Here? Pt. 2) (Keep Marge free as Homer finishes.)
2. Marge go to Kwik-E Mart (1 hour) (Once You've Gone Organic)

Jake's Unisex Hair Palace 

Marge prompts the building of Jake's. Keep Marge free as the build finishes. (Free Band-Aids with Every Cut Pt. 1)
1. Marge visit Jake's (4 hours). (keep Homer free as Marge finishes) (Free Band-Aids with Every Cut Pt. 2)

Springfield Downs

1. Homer will prompt the building of Springfield Downs. (Double Down on She's a Loser Pt. 1) Keep Homer, Marge, Bart & Milhouse) free when the building completes to be safe.
2. Double Down on She's a Loser Pt. 2 requires you to bet at Springfield Downs. I'm not sure if you need $5,000 or it is added to your account like the donuts early in the game. You always get a $6,250 payout from this challenge.
3a. Marge Clean the House (3 hours)
3b. Milhouse go to school (8 hours) & Bart skip school (6 hours) (Teamwork) (Keep Homer & Marge free.)

Gilded Truffle 

Homer & Marge interact to prompt the 3 Gilded Truffle challenges:
1. Send Homer to Springfield Downs (3 hours) (Truffle Surprise Pt. 1)
2. Send Homer to Kwik-E Mart (1 hour) (Truffle Surprise Pt. 2)
3. Build Gilded Truffle (keep Marge & Homer free as build finishes) (Truffle Surprise Pt. 3)
(Marge was prompted to clean the house during the Homer challenges, but I'm not sure if this was part of the progression.)
4. Homer & Marge dine @ Gilded Truffle (2 hour). (Keep Principal Skinner & Lisa free as Homer & Marge finish dining at the Gilded Truffle.) (Truffle Surprise Pt. 4)

King Toot's

Principal Skinner & Lisa interact to build King Toot's.
1. Lisa Play the Sax 3 times (3 x 4 hours) (We Don't Sell myPods Pt. 1)
2. Build King Toot's (keep Apu free as build finishes) (We Don't Sell myPods Pt. 2)
(The Police Station is immediately available after King Toot's finishes building.)

Police Station

Apu prompts the building of the Police Station after King Toot's finishes.
1. Build Police Station (keep Apu free as building finishes to be safe) (Miranda Rights Pt. 1)
2. Chief Wiggum patrol Springfield (8 hours) (Miranda Rights Pt. 2)
3. Cheif Wiggum eat at Krusty (30 minutes) (Miranda Rights Pt. 3)
4. Chief Wiggum patrol Springfield (8 hours, again) (keep Homer & CBG free as Wiggum finishes) (Miranda Rights Pt. 4)
(Apu may not be prompting all of these challenges, Lisa may jump in for challenges 2/3, but I don't think anyone other than Wiggum is needed to start these challenges. Have them all free to be safe.)

Skip's Diner

Homer prompts the The Only Sport America Still Dominates quests after Wiggum finishes his 2nd patrol.
1a. Homer to Krusty Burger x5 (5 x 30 mins) (keep CBG free as Homer finishes extra trip)
1b. Comic Book Guy (CBG) to Krusty Burger x4 (4 x 30 mins)
1c. Wiggum to Krusty Burger x4 (4 x 30 mins)

After all 3 characters eat multiple times, the As American as Apple Pie quests were initiated.
1: CBG eat at Krusty Burger (30 mins)
2: CBG eat at Gulp 'N Blow (60 mins)
3: CBG prompts building of Skip's Diner (keep CBG free as build finishes
4: CBG eat at Skip's Diner (4 hour) (keep Homer free as CBG finishes eating at Skip's)


Homer prompts the building of Luigi's during an interaction with Bart (Bart doesn't need to be free) (It's A-Me, Luigi!) After the build, Luigi is sent on these tasks:
1. Send Luigi to Jake's (4 hours) (Moustache Toppings)
2. Have Luigi practice accent (2 hours)(Keep Chief Wiggum free as Luigi finishes practicing his accent.) (A Jolly Right Mess)

Springfield Penitentiary

Chief Wiggum prompts build Springfield Penitentiary (in an interaction with Lisa). (Crime Doesn't Pay Unless You Make It) Keep Lisa free as the build finishes.

Retirement Castle

Lisa prompts the building of the Retirement Castle after the Penitentiary is done building. (The Greying of Springfield)
1. Lisa read @ Retirement Castle (2 hours). (Have Chief Wiggum free as Lisa finishes reading.) (Good Samaritan)

Town Hall

After Lisa finishes reading at the Retirement Castle:
1: Chief Wiggum collect bribes x3 (3 x 4 hours) (keep Lisa free) (Re-Elect Mayor Quimby Pt. 1)
2: Lisa prompts the building of the Town Hall (Re-Elect Mayor Quimby Pt. 2)
3: Bart go to school (6 hours) (Any Given Weekday) (Keep Martin free as Bart finishes.)

Muntz House

Martin interacts with Bart (not required to be free) and is prompted to play the lute (45 seconds) (Nerds Gone Wild). After this, Nelson's house is available to be built. (Nelson) After Nelson's House is built:
1. Nelson shake down kids for lunch money (4 hours) (Darwin's Bulldog)
2. Nelson serve detention 3 times (3 x 6 hours) (Zero Tolerance)

Next, the Re-education of Nelson challenges were started.
1: Nelson do janitorial work (12 hours) (keep Willie free)
2: Willie rake leaves, Nelson janitorial work (12 hours each)
3: Willie wax floors (24 hours), Nelson janitorial work (12 hours) (keep Nelson free as Willie finishes)

After those challenges, Nelson was sent on more challenges:
1. Dump coleslaw in Milhouse's house (10 minutes) (Smell Ya Later!)
2. Play guitar (8 hours) (I'm a Rockstar!)
3. Laugh at others (24 hours) (keep Bart & Lisa free as this challenge finishes) & (keep Skinner & Willie free as Bart & Lisa finish) (Dark Humor)
4. Bart and Lisa go to school (6 hours) (keep Skinner & Willie free as Bart & Lisa finish) (School Daze) (Skinner may prompt the next building after Bart & Lisa are SENT on #4.)

Krabapple Apartments

Principal Skinner interacts with Willie to build the Krabapple Apartments after Bart and Lisa finish going to school (or after they are SENT to school, so keep all 4 free after Nelson finishes laughing at others). (Staff Needs) Here are the challenges related to Mrs. Krabapple:
1. Edna Teach School (8 hours) (A Day in the Life)
2. Edna Teach School, again (8 hours) (keep Skinner free) (Another Day in the Life) *(You can send Skinner Bird Watching to get a jump start on #3a.)
3a. Edna Host Detention (12 hours) (Another Detention/Tree)
3b. Skinner Watch Birds (24 hours) (keep Edna free) (Another Detention/Tree)
*Principal Skinner can be sent on his 24 hour task prior to being prompted, thus saving some time. Thanks to global_3nemy/glitchedexploiter!)
4. Edna relax in teacher's lounge (1 hour) (keep Ned free) (It's 2:30 in the Afternoon Somewhere)
5. Edna and Ned dine @ Gilded Truffle (2 hours each) (Principal Plus Interest)
6. Edna Smoke break (10 min) (keep Bart free) (A Woman Scorned)

1. Bart Skip School (8 hour) (keep Edna free) (Illegitimate Concern Pt. 1)
2. Bart Serve Detention (6 hour), Edna monitor detention (12 hours) (keep Bart & Lisa free as Edna finishes) (Illegitimate Concern Pt. 2)
3. Edna go on strike (24 hours ) (All Power to the People)
4a. Make Bart Skateboard (4 hour)
4b. Lisa do next week's homework (24 hour) (keep Bart and Marge free as Lisa finishes) (School's Out Forever)
5. Marge sends Bart and Lisa to Sunday School (12 hours each) (keep Milhouse free as Bart & Lisa finish) (Anxious Parents)
6. Bart/Lisa/Milhouse to Sunday School (12 hours each) (Let's Learn about Hell!)

Olive Branch
1: Bart/Milhouse/Martin have sleep over (24 hours each).
2: Bart/Milhouse/Martin go to Library (24 hours each).
3: Bart break into CPU, Milhouse pull fire alarm (10 mins each). (Keep Chief Wiggum free)
4: Make Milhouse clean the school x 2 (12 hours each) (Keep Edna free)
5: Edna teach class (8 hours) (Keep Mayor Quimby free as Edna finishes.)

Post Office

Level 23 is the only requirement. You must build this building in order to advance through the Burn's Manor progression.

Channel 6 Studios

Mayor Quimby prompted the building of Channel 6 after Mrs. Krabapple finished teaching her 8 hour class. (Channel 6)
1. Kent Brockman undercover report (24 hours) (All the News that's Fit to Slant)
2. Broadcast Channel 6 News (16 hours) (keep Kent Brockman free) (Good Night and Good Grief) **(You can start the broadcast during #1 to save some time; just don't collect the reward until Kent Brockman prompts #2.)
3. Kent Brockman record Eye on Springfield (12 hours) (Start the Revelation Without Me)
4. Kent Brockman make ViewTube video (4 hours) (Kent Buy Me Love...Or Ratings)
5. Build weather station ($9,500) & broadcast weather (1 hour) (Kent-nichal Difficulties) (Keep Bart free as broadcast finishes.)

Hibbert Family Practice

1. Bart Skip School (8 Hours), (keep Skinner free as Bart finishes) (Hookey)
2. Build Hibbert Family Practice (keep Bart free as build finishes) (Hahahahaha Sucker)
3. Bart go for checkup (10 min) (keep Hibbert free) (Bart's Checkup)
4. Hibbert practice medicine (12 hours) (keep Grampa free) (General Practice)
5. Grampa go for checkup (10 min) (keep Cletus free) (My Pills!)
6. Cleetus go for checkup (10 min) (keep Luigi free) (Cleetus' Condition)
7. Luigi go for checkup (10 min) (keep Quimby free) (Luigi's Growing Problems)
8. Quimby go for checkup (10 min) (keep Burns free) (Mayorital Difficulties)
9. Burns hide Nuclear waste (8 hour) (keep Hibbert free) (Medical Industry Corruption)
10. Hibbert deal organs on black market (4 hour) (keep Kent Brockman free) (Grey Matter)
11. Kent Brockman go for checkup (10 min) (keep Hibbert free) (Kent Afford It)
12. Make Hibbert sacrifice his principles (6 hour) (keep Brockman & Krusty free) (Corporate Sponsor)
13. Hibbert, Krusty, Brockman dine at Gilded Truffle (2 hours each) (Show Biz Life)
14. Krusty Promote a new product (8 hours) (keep Homer/Comic Book Guy/Wiggum free) (Kramp Krusty)
15. Homer/Comic Book Guy/Chief Wiggum eat at Krusty Burger (30 mins each) (keep Hibbert free) (The Flavormax)
16. Homer/CBG/Wiggum go for check up (10 min) (keep Hibbert free) (Business is Picking Up)

Springfield General Hospital

Dr. Hibbert prompts the building of the Hospital after Homer/CBG/Wiggum go for their check up. (General Hospital) KeepHibbert free as the Hospital finishes building.
1. Hibbert perform surgery (24 hours) (Operation!)
2. Hibbert perform outdoor surgery (1 hour) (Such a Beautiful Day)

Burn's Manor

1. Burns prompts Homer to work at plant (16 hours) (keep Burns free) (Executive Lackey Pt. 1)
2. Build Burns Manor (keep Burns free to be safe, and Hans Moleman if you have him.) (Executive Lackey Pt. 2)
3. Smithers check mail (4 hours) (keep CBG free as Smithers finishes) (Executive Lackey Pt. 3)
3a. IF you have Hans Moleman, clean power plant (8 hours)(Retirement is for the Dead)
(4a and 4b can be done in either order, and keep Burns free as you finish the 2nd task.)
4a. Smithers write Malibu Stacy news letter (6 hours) (Executive Lackey Pt. 4)
4b. Smithers whip it (8 hours)(Executive Lackey Pt. 4)
5. Smithers drunken wreck x2 (12 hours each) (Keep Wiggum free as Smithers finishes.) (Executive Lackey Pt. 5)
6. Smithers sleep it off (24 hours) (Keep Burns free.) (Executive Lackey Pt. 6)
7. Smithers AA meeting (2 hours) (Keep Burns free.) (Executive Lackey Pt. 7)
8. Smithers exercise for Mr. Burns (1 hour) (Executive Lackey Pt. 8)

Wiggum House

1. Principal Skinner prompts the building of the Wiggum House. (Keep Mayor Quimby free as the build finishes.) (This Little Wiggy Pt. 1)
2. Quimby sends Ralph to eat crayon sandwich (60 minutes) (This Little Wiggy Pt. 2) (keep Comic Book Guy free as Ralph finishes)

El Chemistri 

Comic Book Guy prompts the building of El Chemistri after Ralph finishes eating crayons. (This Little Wiggy Pt. 3) (Keep Lisa, Chief Wiggum, & Ralph free as build finishes.)
1. Lisa prompts Chief & Ralph Wiggum to eat at El Chemistri (4 hours each) (This Little Wiggy Pt. 4) (Keep Lisa free)
2. Ralph prompts Lisa to work on her blog (24 hours) (This Little Wiggy Pt. 5) (Keep Kent Brockman free)
3. Kent Brockman do undercover report (24 hours) (This Little Wiggy Pt. 6) (Keep Chief Wiggum free)
4. Ralph play wiggle-puppy (24 hours) (This Little Wiggy Pt. 7) (Keep Nelson free)
5. Nelson and Ralph go to school (6 hours each) (This Little Wiggy Pt. 8 )

Buddhist Temple

1. Reverend Lovejoy prompts the building of the Buddhist Temple in an interaction with Lisa. ($222,500)
2. Lenny & Carl Drink at Moe's (8 hours each) (Buddha's Got Back Pt. 2) (Keep Moe free.)
3. Lenny & Carl do Plant Shift (16 hours each) (Buddha's Got Back Pt. 3)

Adult Education Annex

1a. Build Adult Education Annex ($182,000) (36 Hours) (Buddha's Got Back Pt. 4)
1b. Lenny teach class (1 hour) (Buddha's Got Back Pt. 4)
1c. Carl date Lenny's sister (1 hour) (Buddha's Got Back Pt. 4)
2. Lenny work on mystery novel (12 hours) (Lenny's Downfall Pt. 1)
3. Lenny mope (24 hours) (Lenny's Downfall Pt. 2) (Keep Wiggum free.)
4. Lenny go in for questioning ( hours)(Lenny's Downfall Pt. 3) (Keep Quimby free.)
5. Lenny serve time (24 hours) (Lenny's Downfall Pt. 2)

Legitimate Businessman's Social Club

1. Build the Businessman's Social Club (24 hours). (Legitimate Business)
2. Smithers prompts Fat Tony to join Mr. Burns for dinner (6 hours each) (The Cleaner Pt. 1)
3. Burns prompts Fat Tony to get rid of problem (12 hours) (The Cleaner Pt. 2)
4. Wiggum prompts Fat Tony to play the violin (1 hour) (The Cleaner Pt. 3)

Fat Tony's Compound

1. Build Fat Tony's Compound (The Cleaner Pt. 4) (36 hours)
2. Fat Tony/Legs/Louie drink at Moe's (8 hours)(Badfellas)
3. Bart serve Manhattans (24 hours) (El Bartito's Way)
3a. Marge protest something (24 hours) (Casino Racino)
3b. Fat Tony fix races (2 hours)
4. Fat Tony prompts Legs/Louie to interrogate a squealer (1 hour) (Taking Care of Business)
5. Luigi prompts Fat Tony have dinner special at Luigi's (4 hours) (The Italian Job)
6. Fat Tony prompts: (Gangster Paradise)
6a. Legs sell smuggled goods (8 hours)
6b. Louie perform a hit (8 hours)
7. Wiggum prompts: (Puff Justice)
7a. Fat Tony run organized crime from prison (24hours)
7b. Legs/Louie take a break in the slammer (4 hours)
8. Fat Tony prompts: (Business as Usual)
8a. Legs protect local businesses (12 hours)
8b. Louie collect tribute (12 hours)

Skinner House

1a. Luigi - Play Accordion (12 hrs)

1b.Skinner - Go Bird Watching (24 hrs) (Keep Millhouse free)

2. Millhouse prompts build Skinner House (24 hrs) (Keep Skinner free)

3. Agnes - Hustle At Bingo (4 hrs) (Keep Skinner free)

4. Skinner - Monitor The Halls (12 hrs) (Keep Agnes and Comic Book Guy free)

5. Agnes - Go On A Date With Comic Book Guy (2 hrs) (Keep Skinner free)

6a. Agnes - Do Silhouette Night (12 hrs)

6b. Skinner - Do Silhouette Night (12 hrs) (Keep Martin free as well as Bart, Lisa, Nelson, Ralph, Millhouse and Krabapple)

7a. Martin - Serve Detention (6 hrs) (3X)

7b. Bart - Serve Detention (6 hrs) (3X)

7c. Lisa - Serve Detention (6 hrs) (3X)

7d. Nelson - Serve Detention (6 hrs) (3X)

7e. Ralph - Serve Detention (6 hrs) (3X)

7f. Skinner - Host Detention (12 hrs) (2X)

7g. Krabapple - Host Detention (12 hrs) (2X) (Keep Agnes free as everyone finishes)

8. Agnes - Do Crossword Puzzle (8 hrs) (Keep Bart free)

9. Bart - Skip School (8 hrs) (Keep Skinner free)

10. Skinner - Crash At Bart's Treehouse (12 hrs) (Keep Willie free)

11. Skinner - Crash At Willie's Shack (12 hrs) (Keep Agnes free)

12. Agnes - Feed The Pigeons (60 mins) (Keep Krabapple and Skinner free)

13. Skinner - Crash At Willie's Shack (12 hrs) (Keep Rev. Lovejoy free)

14a. Agnes - Play Bingo (4 hrs)

14b. Skinner - Crash At Willie's Shack (12 hrs) (Keep Agnes free)

15. Agnes - Sweep Up The Town (6 hrs) (Keep Carl and Skinner free)

16. Skinner - Crash At The Buddhist Temple (12hrs) (Keep Wiggum free)

17. Skinner - Crash at Wiggum House (12hrs) (Keep Agnes free)

18a. Agnes - Do Silhouette Night (12hrs)

18b. Skinner  - Do Silhouette Night (12hrs)

19. Agnes - Taunt old people (24hrs)